Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions relate to any reference made to Flexi-Lets Limited or Flexi-Lets and are related  to all bookings, whether through our website, through a 3rd Party or preferred supplier or via email, telephone or other means.

You are accepting Flexi-Lets Limited terms and conditions personally and also on behalf of any guest/ group or Company you may be booking for.  

Your booking unless otherwise stated is with Flexi-Lets Limited (registered in England No. 05858036). Registered Office – Runway View, 22 Hercules Way, Farnborough Aerospace Centre, Hants GU14 6UU.

In addition by visiting or using our website,you agree to comply with these Terms & Booking Conditions.

1. Bookings

Any booking made by you will be deemed to be acceptance of an offer to purchase the relevant accommodation or apartments subject to the following terms and conditions :  

A contract between you or whoever you are booking on behalf of and Flexi-Lets (or a preferred supplier) shall only come into existence under the following circumstances:

Telephone Bookings

If booking by telephone, once we have your payment details & payment has been successfully made.

Once we have details of all guests and they do not exceed the maximum occupancy of the property booked or the age restrictions of the accommodation. Any disabilities or circumstances which affect your stay should be notified at the point of booking.

Once we have sent a confirmation to you or your guest and this has been acknowledged by telephone or in writing.

Website Bookings

If booking directly on our website, or via our website, once we have your payment details and payment has been successfully taken.

Once we have details of all guests and the number does not exceed the maximum number of occupants for the property booked or the age restrictions of the accommodation.  Any disabilities or circumstances which affect your stay should be notified at the point of booking.

Once a confirmation has been sent. At this point we will assume successful receipt unless informed otherwise, within 24 hours.

Email or Bookings via Fax  

Once we have your payment details & payment has been successfully made.

Once we have full details of all guests /occupants and the number of guests does not exceed the allowable number for the property or the age restrictions. Any disabilities or circumstances which affect your stay should be notified at the point of booking.

Once we have confirmed availability and you have received confirmation of the booked property.

Bookings “On Hold”

If you request or Flexi-Lets agrees to “hold” a property for later booking, or for a specified period of time, this is not a confirmed booking with Flexi-lets.  The property will be released to market once the time period has expired and is always liable to cancellation until terms agreed and a payment is taken.

Parking Spaces / Bays

If a parking space is provided or booked with your accommodation, this will be notified in your booking confirmation and a specific space may be allocated depending on the size of your vehicle. You will be provided with a fob or key for the space or bay on arrival.  You may also be presented with a disc or permit to display visibly in your vehicle.  For some locations parking is chargeable and you will be informed of this at the point of booking.

Flexi-Lets cannot be held responsible if you park incorrectly, in the wrong space, do not display your permit or if you vehicle is clamped, removed or sustains any damage during your stay.  You are responsible for parking your vehicle in the correct space or area during your stay and for returning all fobs and permits at the end of your stay.

You are also responsible for not blocking any garages, exits or entrances or any other space or bay within the parking area or premises. 

Some locations do not accept commercial or vehicles or vans, so you need to notify Flexi_lets in advance, with the size and dimensions of your vehicle to avoid parking issues during your stay.  Failure to do so may result in complaints from other residents or your vehicle being clamped or removed by the on site building Management, which Flexi-Lets are unable to override or control.


Payments may be made directly to Flexi-Lets via our website, via telephone or partially via email.  Payments may be directed via a 3rd Party with your explicit consent. All payments to be made in Pounds Sterling, unless another currency has been notified.

Where overseas payments are taken exchange rate fluctuations may apply.

Payments are accepted via Debit or Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Switch, Solo, Maestro, Delta). Payments are also accepted via bank transfer in pounds sterling (bank details available on request) or via cheque in pounds sterling payable to “Flexi -Lets Limited” or any other party which we advise at the time. Please note, allow 5 working days for cheques to clear.


Value Added Tax will be added to all bookings unless otherwise specified at the rate determined by HM Revenue & Customs.

For any non UK bookings, the relevant taxes for the region or Country, unless otherwise notified, will apply.


Flexi-lets may require a deposit or security deposit to secure a booking. You will be informed at the point of booking if a deposit is required and when it is payable.  All deposits are due prior to arrival.

Deposits amounts will vary depending on the time, dates and nature of the booking.

For example Flexi-Lets or any party we nominate, may require from £250 for a short stay (7 nights or less), or up to £500 for a pet deposit, group booking or Bank Holiday booking.  For a longer booking duration the deposit amount may be higher.

Use of Deposit

  • Deposits may be taken or held  to secure a property for future booking
  • Deposits may be taken or held as security against damages or breakages in a property
  • Deposits may be taken or held in case of unpaid rental
  • Deposits are forfeited if payment has not been made prior to arrival
  • Deposits may be taken for weekend bookings or bank holiday/ group bookings
  • Deposits may be taken for allowing a pet into a specific property
  • Deposits may be taken if you have requested additional sets of keys your accommodation
  • Deposits can be taken or held on a debit or credit card or via bank transfer. Cash payments will not be accepted.

Deposit Deductions

Flexi-Lets reserves the right to deduct from a deposit without further notice, all amounts chargeable under these Booking Terms and Conditions, including, but not limited to, the additional accommodation charges.

Within one week of the deduction of additional charges from a deposit, Flexi-lets will provide the booker, guest or occupant with a written breakdown of the issues, including any gathered evidence plus the list of applicable charges. Deductions for additional charges may occur at any time during the booking period (if we suspect there may be cause for concern) or at the point of departure, once the accommodation has been inspected.

If additional charges are taken from the deposit, the remainder of the deposit will be refunded to the person who paid the deposit at the end of the booking, subject to all additional charges being settled first and a final check of the accommodation.  Should additional charges still be owed to Flexi-Lets over and above the deposit amount, payment will need to be made within 7 days of departure.

Where the booking is with a property or supplier not operated by Flexi-lets, we may hold a deposit, for the purposes mentioned under “Use of Deposit” or the preferred supplier may be holding a deposit or card details.  If we hold the deposit, the preferred supplier will contact us to advise if any deductions are due and we will notify you of the listed charges, but have the right to make the deductions noted under this “deposit deductions” section.  If the preferred supplier has your card details or holds a deposit, their own terms and conditions regarding deposits and deductions will apply and you must familiarise yourself with these at the point of booking and during your stay. Where feasible photographic evidence will be sent to the guest/ occupier/ booker to support any claim on the deposit or card details Flexi-Lets or the preferred supplier are holding.

4. Additional Accommodation Charges

If Flexi-Lets have not taken a deposit at the point of booking or before the date of move in, we will require valid credit or debit card details to cover any possible additional charges incurred during your stay. Details will be held securely until the point of departure and pending a final check of your accommodation.  (These terms may vary if you or your Company hold an account with Flexi-Lets).  

Additional charges may occur at any point during your stay and we reserve the right to deduct without further notice the appropriate amounts from the card details we are holding on your behalf.  If this happens Flexi-lets will provide the booker, guest or occupant with a written breakdown of the issues, within one week of the deduction,including any gathered evidence plus the list of applicable charges. In the event that a card payment is declined, for any reason, or no card details are provided, Flexi-lets will raise an invoice for the charges to the relevant booker, guest or occupant directly and payment will need to be made within 7 days of issue.

Flexi-Lets also reserves the right to vary additional charges without notice. Additional charges include the following but are not limited to :

  • Additional cleaning at any point (if the property is not kept to an acceptable standard)
  • Full departure clean (this may exceed £100 plus VAT)
  • Specialist cleaning for pets or if smoking is detected
  • Removal of personal belongings, rubbish and food
  • Parking or use of garage charges
  • Loss of revenue whilst a property is brought back to a lettable condition
  • Damages or breakages (considered to be above fair wear and tear)
  • Cost of repairs or replacements and time taken to source or repair them
  • Cost of decoration or a contribution towards decoration
  • Loss of keys or incomplete sets of keys (from £80 plus VAT)
  • Guests being locked out or mislaying keys (£50 plus VAT call out, plus missing key charge)
  • Out of hours lock outs or lost keys (may incur additional charges, plus the key charge)
  • Additional sets of keys
  • Loss of TV /Internet equipment or controls, garage fobs/keys (from £100 plus VAT)
  • Exterior cleaning charges (patios/balconies)
  • Garden clearance charges (if a garden is supplied & not maintained)
  • Emergency call outs (from £100 plus VAT)
  • Additional laundry or provision of additional quilts / linens
  • Out of hours key collections or meet and greet appointments
  • Incorrect parking (not in the allocated space provided) or oversize vehicles
  • Luggage storage or storage of any other belongings
  • Furniture repair or replacement /soft furnishing repair or replacement
  • Provision of cots, high chairs or additional beds (including Z beds)
  • Provision of additional toiletries or a welcome pack/basket

For all additional charges, Flexi-Lets will provide a written list of the applicable charges, plus photographic evidence where feasibly possible to the guest / occupant or booker.

If you have booked a property which is not operated directly by Flexi-Lets the above conditions will apply but the charges or proposed charges will vary according to the preferred supplier’s own terms and conditions.

5.Inventories or Condition Reports

Inventories and condition reports can be provided at the beginning and at the end of the accommodation period (if required) at a cost of £75 + VAT.

For properties not operated by Flexi-Lets, an inventory or condition report may be available to you, but will be subject to the preferred supplier’s terms and conditions.

6.Reporting Damages / Breakages

We encourage all occupants to check their accommodation on arrival and to contact us should they discover any damages or breakages, ideally providing us with photographic evidence, a time and date of discovery.  This will help to reduce or avoid charges on departure.

Flexi-Lets appreciate accidents do occur and would request bookers/occupants or guests contact us as soon as feasibly possible to report the problem as we may be able to rectify it with a minimum disruption or cost.  If (for example) carpet stains are left and not attended to, it may result in a carpet replacement or a contribution towards the cost of replacement.

The above also applies to 3rd Party or preferred supplier bookings, so any checks or reports should be directed to the accommodation provider.

7.Our Right to Refuse A Booking

Flexi-Lets reserve the right to refuse, at our sole discretion, any booking you make with us or any of our suppliers via telephone, website, email or any other means.

Refusal may be at the point of booking, prior to arrival or at the point of arrival, due to, but not limited to :

Incomplete payment, incorrect payment details, non payment of a deposit, failure to provide full and relevant details of all guests (including passport details /photo ID), under age guests, abusive guests, or if guests arrive with an unauthorised pet. Any disabilities or any other such condition which may affect your stay or your enjoyment of a stay must be notified to us at the point of booking, as the property booked may not be suitable for your needs or requirements. In these circumstances we may cancel your stay or decline the reservation on the grounds of safety/unsuitability. 

We may also refuse a booking or entry to a property if we we suspect it will be used for improper or illegal purposes or to hold a party or gathering.

Any preferred supplier or property we work with also has the right to refuse a booking for the above reasons or for any other reasons stipulated in their own terms and conditions.

8. Alternative Accommodation

Flexi-Lets reserves the right to alter the location of your booking, but will always notify you in advance if this is likely.  We will attempt to provide a similar size property, location and overall cost, but this may not always be feasible due to maintenance or emergency situations.

If the substitute accommodation offered, is not suitable for any reason, Flexi-Lets or any 3rd Party involved, will agree to refund the appropriate portion of your booking which has been affected.

For properties not operated by Flexi-Lets the preferred supplier’s own terms and conditions will prevail.

9. Your Responsibility - Accurate Information & Checking

As noted, it is the responsibility of the guest or booker to notify Flexi-lets at the time of booking all relevant details of the booking and to check all details of their booking. This includes names and ages of occupiers or guests, vehicle details or registration, passport information, valid Visa, health requirements or flight details where required. We also need to know the reason for the booking.

Flexi-Lets cannot be held responsible for any failure of the guest or booker to provide accurate information.

It is also your responsibility as the accommodation booker or guest, to ensure you have all relevant booking information, prior to arrival, including your confirmation, key collection information, parking information and have read through the relevant terms and conditions pertaining to your booking.

10. Your Responsibility - Notifying Changes

It is also your responsibility to check any information we send to you on a regular basis and advise us if any details have changed (ie alternative email or name changes) within 7 days of issue of the confirmation or invoice. If your booking has been made a short notice & your arrival date is within 7 days, changes must be advised no later than 24 hours prior to arrival.

All changes must be advised in writing and are subject to availability. If we are unable to assist with the change, the original booking will be re-instated.

We reserve the right to charge for any changes to a booking, these include but are not limited to :  Date changes (the booking may be shorter), arrival time changes (this may be out of hours and numbers of guests. For guest name alterations and age changes, our usual charges may be waived subject to our discretion.

The administration charge for booking alterations is £35 plus VAT, per booking, payable at the time of the alteration together with any other resulting costs, for example a rental price increase or a late check- in charge.

For properties not operated directly by Flexi-Lets all the information we send to you should be thoroughly checked as noted and changes notified to us or the preferred supplier directly.  For changes or charges for alterations, their own terms and conditions will apply.

11.Age Restrictions

For Flexi-Lets operated properties, paying guests under the age of 23 will not be accepted, unless authorised by a company or the reservations forms part of a corporate booking. Proof of age or photo identification may be requested at the point of check-in. Failure to provide this or if we suspect guest or guest’s are under age may result in cancellation of the booking.

Children under the age of 14 must not be left unattended at any time.

For accommodation which we do not operate directly, but book on your behalf, age restrictions will be subject to the specific terms and conditions of the preferred provider or property.  

12. Insurance

Flexi-Lets strongly advise all occupiers or guests (including occupiers or guests for properties not directly operated by Flexi-Lets) to ensure they have valid and appropriate insurance prior to travelling to their accommodation.  We advise any insurance should cover for the following eventualities, but is not limited to :

Cancellation, provision of emergency or medical cover, protection for personal belongings whilst travelling and for the duration of their booking, terrorist activity, war, natural disaster or any other such eventuality. Personal belongings should also be covered against fire, theft, flood, accidental damage, natural disaster, terrorist activity or for any other eventuality.  

In the event of an incident, accident or event, Flexi-Lets or the relevant owner/Landlord or supplier, will not be responsible to replace or compensate any guest, occupant or Company for their personal belongings or effects.  

Flexi-Lets are also not responsible and will not be liable as a result of any force majeure event to perform its obligations under any booking agreement as a result of a force majeure event (an event beyond our control) including but not limited to:

Strikes, lock-outs, industrial disputes, (whether involving Flexi-Lets or a preferred supplier), failure of a utility service or transport network, act of God, war, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, compliance with any law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction, accident, breakdown of plant or machinery, fire, flood, storm or default of suppliers or subcontractors.

13. Extensions

All extensions of stay are subject to a notice period and availability, unless a guaranteed right to extend has been offered at the time of booking.  All requests for extensions must be in writing. Rates are subject to alteration for any extension of the original booking.

Notice periods for all accommodation booked will be notified at the point of booking.  Notice periods depend on the length of the original booking and how long you wish to extend for.

Failure to provide Flexi-Lets with the specified notice to extend, may result in your accommodation being booked by another guest.

Payment for all extensions will be taken prior to the extension period. Flexi-lets reserves the right to take all additional payments and charges from any credit/debit card used to make the original booking (plus any further deposit requirements). Where payment has been made by cheque or bank transfer, an extension invoice will be sent to the billing address provided to us and payment must be made by immediate return.  Failure to receive payment within 48 hours of the requested extension will result in the cancellation of the extension.

No administration fee is payable when a booking is extended for Flexi-Lets direct properties.

The above extension clause will also apply for any bookings not operated by Flexi-lets but will be subject to the preferred supplier’s own terms and conditions.

14. Cancellations & Notice Periods

Any request to cancel or change a booking needs to be notified to Flexi-Lets (Sales or Reservations team) during office hours; 9am –6pm Monday to Friday. All requests to cancel or change a booking must be backed up in writing, via email.

Any transaction fees are non-refundable.

Notice periods will vary according to the length of a booking.  Always double check with Flexi-Lets when you book, to ensure you are aware of the notice period for cancellation, extension and changes to a booking. Booking charges are made on a pro-rata basis.

a)For Flexi-Lets direct properties, there will be no cancellation charge for bookings under 28 nights in length, if a booking is cancelled before 10am, 7 days prior to arrival. If less than 7 days notice is provided, 7 days charge will be due.

b) For Flexi-Lets direct properties, there will be no cancellation charge for bookings over 28 nights in length, if a booking is cancelled before 10am, 14 days prior to arrival. If less than 14 days notice is provided, the full 14 days charge will be due.

c) Non-arrivals will be treated as a cancellation and will be subject to a 100% cancellation charge.  Where non-arrival has occurred we will hold the booking open until 10am the following morning.  If we have not heard from the guest, occupant or booker, by 10am the following morning, the booking will be cancelled and a full cancellation charge made.

d) Flexi-Lets reserves the right to treat an early departure, a reduction in the number of nights or a reduction in the number of properties booked as a cancellation, due to loss of revenue.

e) Flexi-Lets reserves the right to change or cancel a booking due to errors of information.  If this does happen we will contact you via email and telephone to explain the cancellation, change or resulting charges.

f) If Flexi-Lets has to change or cancel  your booking and this is not acceptable to you, Flexi-Lets will as soon as reasonably practical, offer you a suitable alternative apartment of similar type, standard and location for the same timing.  The alternative offered may be from our own portfolio, or via a 3rd party supplier.  If via a 3rd party supplier, the full or an additional cost will be due and payment will need to be taken. If the alternative property is at a lower cost than the original booked and has been paid in full, a refund for the balance in cost will be offered.

g) If Flexi-Lets has to cancel or change your booking and you are not happy with any of the alternative suggestions, you will be entitled to cancel your booking and receive a full refund of all monies paid to Flexi-Lets.  

h) For “Group Bookings “ of 3 properties or more (same location and for similar dates) special conditions will apply for cancellation. For all group bookings, 14 days notice will apply for changes, alterations and cancellations. The minimum notice period will be 14 days or 50% of the total cost of the booking, whichever is the greater.  

i) Flexi-Lets reserves the right to apply specific notice periods and charges to a booking, which may differ from those noted above at our discretion.

j) For properties not operated by Flexi-Lets, the provider or preferred supplier’s own terms and conditions regarding notice periods and cancellations will prevail.

15. Rates

The rates Flexi-Lets advertise are to the best of our knowledge correct at the date of publication but we reserve the right to change any rates from time to time. Rates can go up or down. Rates quoted are based on the rates prevailing at the time a booking is confirmed (in the currency requested). Once a booking has been confirmed Flexi-Lets will not change the rate quoted unless you amend the booking in any way or the supply cost changes as a result of currency fluctuations.  

Rates may vary on a daily (or more frequent basis) on any of our booking channels, due to a sudden increase in demand or due to special offers.  If you have an issue with a rate you have been quoted or booked, please contact our sales team to discuss this.  

For properties which are not operated by Flexi-Lets we will provide an indicative rate only.  Once we have your full booking information, we can provide a quote or accurate actual pricing, usually in writing, which is valid at the time, or is valid for a specific period. If you decide to book, we will do our best to honour the rate provided, but cannot guarantee this, particularly if you dates or criteria have altered or if you respond after the quote has expired.

16. Check-Ins

Flexi-Lets  operate a 15.00 (3pm) check in time

For the majority of our properties Flexi-Lets will meet you at the property booked with the keys and car fobs (if any) anytime from 3pm to 8pm each night.  Your confirmation will advise you to call our offices approx 40 mins before arrival to confirm the timing. If you do not call to confirm we cannot be responsible for any delays.

Early check -ins can be arranged from 12.00 midday, but may be subject to additional charges, usually £40 plus VAT.

Late check-ins may be arranged subject to the availability of our staff from 8pm to 10.00pm (outside working hours) but may be subject to additional charges, usually £40 plus VAT. We operate a strict lone worker policy to protect all our staff and guests working after usual office hours.

If Flexi-Lets need to delay the check-in time, we will always inform you in advance. This may be due to unforeseen circumstances, for example maintenance issues or issues with previous guest departures.

Due to traffic or unforeseen circumstances, our Guest Services teams may be delayed.  Please be patient as they will attend with the keys as soon as they can.

For properties with a self-check in system (key box or entry codes) these details will be sent to you prior to arrival and you will not be subject to later check-in fees.

For properties not operated by Flexi-Lets, guests /occupants or bookers will be informed of the specifics of their check-in timings and terms prior to arrival.

17. Departure Time

Flexi-Lets have a 10.00 am (sharp) departure time

Ensure you leave your flat on time as our cleaning teams will be waiting to gain access. Failure to leave on time may result in additional charges (up to one days rental) due to delays to incoming guests or having to re-schedule cleaning teams.

If you do need to delay your scheduled departure time, please contact Flexi-Lets  at least 24 hours in advance and we will try to alter our schedules.  This may not always be possible due to incoming guests.  Additional charges may be due.

On departure leave the accommodation as you found it, removing all your rubbish, personal belongings and food.  Failure to remove all items or leaving the property in a mess will result in additional charges.  

Return all keys / fobs / car permits or remote controls to Flexi-Lets on departure which were provided when you moved in or during your stay.  Failure to return them will result in the cost to provide a new set of keys ,fobs, car permits or remote controls , plus our time to arrange this.  The usual cost to replace a car fob from £75 plus VAT plus the cost of obtaining the fob.

Remove all vehicles parked in car spaces or bays, failure to do will result in additional charges to remove the vehicles.  Always contact Flexi-Lets to inform us if you have not been able to remove your vehicle.  We may be able to extend your parking (subject to charges) if incoming guests do not require the space.

For departure times and procedures for accommodation not operated by Flexi-Lets please read the preferred supplier’s terms and conditions or your booking confirmation.

18. Chargeable Services

Flexi-Lets can provide the following services to enhance a stay :

Additional cleaning

Provision of additional laundry

Bespoke arrival pack (ie fresh milk, juice, bread, croissants or any other such items requested)

Cots, high chairs, additional beds

Airport or taxi pick ups

Parking for additional vehicles

Additional TV channels (ie SKY services)

Upgraded apartments (additional facilities/ inclusions)

Coffee Makers/ Rice Cookers/ Food Mixers - miscellaneous kitchen gadgets

Provision of fans or air coolers

Rates may vary and are available from our Guest Service or Sales teams. For properties not operated by Flexi-Lets a list of guest services & charges should be available to you from the preferred supplier.

19. Internet Use / Internet Issues

Where internet is offered, Flexi-Lets will make every effort to ensure the service is available at all times, but we cannot guarantee any internet or broadband connection availability. Internet access is provided by a 3rd Party therefore Flexi-Lets can take no responsibility or pay any  compensation if the internet connection is either unavailable or lost.

Internet is provided under a strict fair use policy, any excessive use will be subject to additional charges or the service slowing down or stopped by the 3rd Party provider.  The internet provided is for domestic use only and not for any commercial purpose.

If there is a fault which is deemed by Flexi-Lets to be associated with the user’s hardware or software, no support will be available. Use of the internet is on the strict understanding that under no circumstances will Flexi-Lets be held responsible for any actions that may arise from the use of a guest’s or occupant’s internet connection or for any damage resulting to their hardware or software.  

The internet supplied must not be used for any illegal or immoral purposes, including but not limited to :

Fraudulent use or in connection with a criminal offence, terrorist activity or in any way which is unlawful or breaches legislation. You agree not to use it to send, communicate, knowingly receive, upload or download any offensive, abusive, indecent, defamatory, libellous, obscene or menacing content. This includes material which causes upset, anxiety or is intended to deceive.

We reserve the right to pass on any records to the authorities if required to do so.

Flexi-Lets will not be responsible for any virus or software issue which may result due to a guest or occupier’s use of the internet.

We strongly recommend all your equipment has sufficient virus or software protection.

For properties not operated by Flexi-Lets the preferred supplier will have their own internet policy and this will be noted in their terms and conditions.

20. Occupancy

All accommodation booked with Flexi-lets (or via a preferred supplier) is occupied as serviced accommodation only and is only to be used as temporary or holiday accommodation for you or for your Company.

The accommodation is not for use as the principal, additional home or residence of guests: you will not be entitled to a tenancy or an assured shorthold or assured tenancy.  No relationship of landlord and tenant is created and no statutory security of tenure exists now or when the period of occupation ends. Guests are forbidden to sub-let or use any part of the accommodation for commercial gain.

If you or any member of your party fails to vacate at the end of the booked period you will be charged the appropriate accommodation charges for the continued period of occupation.

No persons other than the named guests or occupants have a right to use the accommodation.

These conditions constitute an excluded agreement under S(3A)(7)(a) of the Protection from Eviction Act 1977 (as amended) and cannot be construed as an assured tenancy under the Housing Act 1988 (as amended). We cannot guarantee an exact property or apartment.

The number of people permitted to occupy the accommodation is limited to the number of beds provided (including sofa beds or additional beds). Charges for sofa bed use or extra beds will be provided at the point of booking.

If the number of people permitted to occupy an apartment is exceeded, Flexi-Lets or our nominated preferred supplier, may refuse access to the accommodation and reserves the right to charge for additional accommodation or apartments.

21.Website and accommodation.

Reasonable care has been taken to ensure the content of the Flexi-Lets website (and/or other means of promotion or advertising) is correct, but it is subject to amendment at any time without notice. All content on the Flexi-Lets website (and/or other means of promotion or advertising) is published in good faith. Given the above factors, Flexi-Lets does not warrant that any of the content on the Flexi-Lets website (and/or other means of promotion or advertising) accurately or completely describes any of the accommodation. Flexi-lets web site may show details of properties not operated by Flexi-Lets and also link to other web sites.  Flexi-Lets are are not responsible for the data policies, content or security of these linked web sites.

You should note the following points about Flexi-Lets operated properties: – All properties are individual and may vary in style, size and layout from those represented on our website.  All furnishings shown or provided will also vary in style, colour and age, so our website provides indicative images only.  

Although accommodation and location are confirmed in advance, the exact apartment cannot be guaranteed prior to arrival and the flat or building number may only be provided at the point of arrival.

The Flexi-Lets website (and/or other means of promotion or advertising) may contain a typical accommodation floor plan, however any floor plan will be a general and indicative representation only. Actual unit size, design, fixtures, furnishings and facilities may vary from those shown on the floor plan.

For properties or accommodation not operated by Flexi-Lets, but shown on our website, any images, floor plans, furnishings or other imagery is for indicative purposes only.  Any text or content is as accurate as feasibly possible, however the content is liable to change or alteration at any time.  Once a booking is made, the the guest/ occupant or booker should read the confirmation information thoroughly including any associated terms and conditions.

22. Use of Flexi-Lets Website

By using our Flexi-Lets website you agree not to disassemble, deconstruct, break down, hack or otherwise interfere with the site, The site must not be used for the following purposes:

To gain unauthorised access to other computing systems or in a way that may damage, disable, overload or affect  the operation of the website.

To solicit participation in public discussion, debate, comment or activity outside the website.

To provide false or misleading information about yourself or your business, or create a false identity.

In contravention of any licence, code of practice, instruction or guideline issued by a regulatory authority, third party's rights, or any of Flexi-Lets terms and conditions.

Fraudulently or in connection with a criminal offence or in any way that is unlawful or in breach of any legislation.

To send, communicate, knowingly receive, upload or download any material or content that is offensive, abusive, indecent, defamatory, libellous, obscene, menacing, or that causes annoyance, inconvenience, needless anxiety or that is intended to deceive.

As a user you agree to protect and idemnify Flexi-Lets against any claims, losses, costs and liabilities arising from any claims by any 3rd party, in collection with the use or misuse of the Flexi-Lets website.

23. Restrictions

In relation to Flexi-Lets operated properties the following restrictions apply as standard. –

Smoking: Flexi-Lets operate a non smoking policy. This applies to all balconies, terraces, common areas of the building and to any gardens or outside areas.

Pets: Flexi-Lets regrets that pets are not allowed in our properties.  Any exceptions must be notified at the point of booking and deposits taken.  

For properties not operated by Flexi-Lets specific restrictions will apply and these will be noted in the preferred supplier’s terms and conditions.


24. Liability

Flexi-Lets are responsible for its own operated apartments, subject to these conditions.

All warranties, conditions and other terms implied by statute or common law or otherwise are, to the fullest extent permitted by law, excluded from any contract with Flexi-Lets and these conditions shall apply in their place. However, nothing in these terms and conditions shall affect your statutory rights if you are a consumer. Nothing in these terms and conditions limits or excludes the liability of Flexi-Lets for death or personal injury resulting from negligence; or for any damage or liability incurred by you as a result of fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation by Flexi-Lets, or any liability that cannot by law be excluded.

Subject to the paragraph above, Flexi-Lets shall not be liable for any loss of profits, loss of business, depletion of goodwill and/or similar losses, loss of anticipated savings, loss of goods, loss of contract, loss of use, loss of corruption of data or information, or any special, indirect, consequential or pure economic loss, costs, damages, charges or expenses.

If you are booking for, as or on behalf of a business or business employee, that business shall indemnify Flexi-Lets against all liabilities, costs, expenses, damages and losses (including any direct or indirect consequential losses, loss of profit, loss of reputation and all interest, penalties and legal and other reasonable professional costs and expenses) suffered or incurred by Flexi-Lets arising out of or in connection with your, or your business’, breach or negligent performance or non-performance of these terms and conditions.

If you are booking for, as, or on behalf of a business or business employee, Flexi-Lets’s total liability in contract, tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty), misrepresentation, restitution or otherwise arising in connection with the performance or contemplated performance of your booking shall be limited to the fees paid to Flexi-Lets under your booking.

Many properties advertised on the Flexi-lets website or on Flexi-Lets printed literature are owned and operated by others. Whilst Flexi-Lets endeavors to ensure the highest standards for the accommodation, it does not warrant that, in booking the accommodation on your behalf, the property is managed in accordance with local national laws including health and safety and insurance. You also understand that although a preferred supplier may comply with local national laws, the rights and remedies under such laws may be different to that of England and Wales.

Flexi-Lets shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performance of its obligations which results directly or indirectly from any cause or circumstance which is beyond its reasonable control. The following shall be regarded as examples of such circumstances: act of God, outbreak of hostilities, riot, civil disturbance, acts of terrorism, revolution, the act of any government or authority (including but not limited to refusal or revocation of any licence or consent), fire, flood, lightning, explosion, fog or bad weather, interruption or failure of a utility service (including but not limited to electricity, gas, water or telecommunications), renovations undertaken at the property, strikes, lockouts or boycotts, embargo, blockade.

Other than in relation to death or personal injury caused by Flexi-Let’s negligence, or any other liability that by law cannot be excluded or restricted, Flexi-Lets’s liability to you in relation to these conditions is limited to the higher of (i) GBP £1,000; and (ii) the value of the booking made with Flexi-Lets.

Where Flexi-Lets or a property booked, but not operated by Flexi-Lets provides a parking space, bay or car park with your booking, we accept no liability whatsoever for any damage, theft, vandalism, or act of any other third party which may cause loss or damage to a vehicle during the booking period. You therefore accept all risks associated with parking your vehicle.

25. Unforeseen Circumstances

Although Flexi-Lets makes every effort to ensure guests enjoy a peaceful stay, Flexi-Lets cannot guarantee, or be held responsible for any failure or interruption of, services to the apartment or the building, including electricity, gas, air conditioning (if relevant), water or any damage, telephone, broadband, internet and other communications, disruption or noise caused as a result of repair works being carried out in another part of the property or building.

The above also applies to any accommodation not operated by Flexi-Lets, as preferred supplier properties may be situated within a building or complex to which they have no direct control. External leaks, floods, utility failure, building works, internet connectivity or noise disruption for example, may be under the control of the Managing Agent or superior Landlord.

However, upon notification by a guest/occupier or booker, Flexi-Lets will use its best endeavors to maintain and rectify (within a reasonable period of time) all services and issues (within reason) to Flexi-Lets operated apartments, and will use reasonable endeavors to ensure any preferred supplier is made aware of, and rectifies, such problems within a reasonable period.

26. Feedback and Complaints

Flexi-Lets aims to deliver the best possible service, but in the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with the service offered, you should notify us in writing or by email as soon as possible in relation to any complaint about the booking service.

In relation to any complaint about the accommodation, you should notify our Guest Services Team as soon as possible in the first instance. If the problem cannot be resolved during your stay, you should contact our Management Team on 01252 210533 or email info@flexi-lets.co.uk. Our policy is to acknowledge any complaint within five working days, advising you of who is dealing with your concerns and attempt to address them.

For properties not operated directly by Flexi-Lets, feedback and complaints should be directed to the preferred supplier in the first instance  and their response will be in line with their own terms and conditions.  If you prefer to contact us, we will do our utmost to contact the property or preferred supplier on your behalf, raising your issues, however we cannot be held responsible for resolving them.

27. Guest Conduct

You and your party must comply with any rules and regulations set by Flexi-Lets or by the building in which you are staying.

We recommend that you take time to familiarise yourself with the safety procedures in the accommodation , the building and local area, paying particular attention to fire evacuation details and security.

Fire doors and fire exits or escape routes must be kept clear of obstructions at all times for your own safety and the safety of others. On discovering a fire or similar or on hearing a fire alarm, guests should check to see if the fire service has been called and if not, dial the 999 requesting the fire service and providing your location.  Evacuate the building and wait at a safe distance for the emergency services to arrive. Wait for further instruction from the Fire Officers attending, before you attempt to re-enter the building.  Please advise Flexi-lets of the emergency as soon as you are realistically able to.

In some locations, individual flats or houses may not be able to operate heating systems in conjunction with other internal systems at the same time. Heating may be subject to set temperatures or times in certain locations, but is provided in all our accommodation. Do not attempt to alter heating or electrical systems without authorisation from us or from your apartment provider.  Any tampering, resulting in a failure may incur an additional charge.

Flexi-Lets properties do not have air-cooling systems, but fans can be requested at an additional cost and subject to availability.  

Guests should not, nor permit anyone other than authorised maintenance staff to interfere with any electrics, plumbing, heating or fixtures and fittings in your accommodation. All appliances must be used in conjunction with the manufacturers guidelines and pamphlets are supplied for your information.  If you are unsure how to use anything, please contact us or your apartment provider.

Where internet or broadband connectivity is available, you agree to use such services in a responsible manner and not for any illegal purpose (see Clause 19). Where a telephone exists in the property you are responsible for all call charges and for setting up and cancelling your account when you depart.

You agree to permit access at any reasonable time for maintenance or emergency works which need to be carried out inside the property.  We will always notify you in advance if this is likely to happen.  You also agree to permit access for the weekly service clean to be carried out and will not unreasonably deny access.  Failure to allow access or to keep the property in a condition where the cleaning is unable to be carried out may result in additional charges.

You agree not to use the accommodation for any illegal or immoral purposes.  If we suspect or discover the property is being used for such purposes, we will be entitled to cancel your stay with immediate effect.  Flexi-Lets are not responsible for those guests or occupants who decide to use our properties for illegal or immoral purposes without our knowledge.  We use all reasonable care to avoid such situations.  Should we discover a party or gathering in one of our properties we reserve the right to call in a 3rd Party security company to attend the property and to assist Flexi-Lets to remove the guests and secure the property.  Charges for a security company to attend will be a minimum of £500 plus VAT which will need to be covered by the guest or occupant, in addition to any charges to restore the property to its pre-check in condition.

You agree to keep noise and music to a minimum between the hours of 10pm and 7am.

You agree to be respectful towards other owner /occupiers and other residents in the building at all times.  Any sort of nuisance, abusive or threatening behaviour directed towards other residents, or to Flexi-Lets staff,  in person, on the phone or via email will not be tolerated.  Additional charges may be incurred if we have to respond to a nuisance complaint.

You agree to use any external space, garden or balcony for its proper use only and to collect any debris or rubbish and leave it in a good tidy condition prior to departure. If you have use of a garden or patio, which has grass or plants, you will be expected to water them during your stay. If you are unsure how to water or look after the plants please contact Flexi-Lets for advice.  

Outside spaces provided with your accommodation are not to be used for gatherings or parties unless specific written permission has been given to do so.  Barbeques or fire pits are not permitted on balconies or terraces for safety reasons. If the property booked has a barbeque or outside log burner, you will be expected to use this at your discretion and be mindful of safety at all times.  Any resulting damage will be your responsibility and additional charges may be levied.

Guests or occupiers are responsible for all visitors to the accommodation.  Non residents or anyone not named on the booking will not be permitted to occupy the property after 11pm, otherwise additional charges may be made for unauthorised persons.  You agree any visitors will be respectful of other residents nearby.

Guests are expected to keep their accommodation in good condition throughout their stay, including soft furnishings, carpets, walls, fittings and effects.  The accommodation should be returned to Flexi-Lets in the same or similar condition as it was provided to you upon arrival.  We reserve the right to charge for any differences in condition,over and above fair wear and tear.

Guests are expected to keep their accommodation clean and tidy during their stay and not keep any hazardous items in the property, which could cause damage to any occupant, contractor or person attending the property. 

Housekeepers will not attend to a property where the condition is poor or if there are personal belongings all over the floors and work surfaces.  You may be charged for their time if this happens. We ask that all food items are covered and stored to deter insects or vermin, as failure to do so may result in an infestation and additional charges may be made to you in order to eradicate the issue.  

You agree to keep cooking odours to a minimum and to adequately air the property during your occupation, opening windows or using cooking extractor fans. Cooking ingredients, including spices or oils can damage walls, worksurfaces and carpets or cause excessive odour.  Flexi-Lets housekeepers will try their best to remove odours or freshen up each week, but any excessive odour or staining will be reported and we may need to take action to prevent further deterioration to the accommodation.

You agree to advise all your contacts not to send post or packages to your accommodation after you have departed.  Any such items will be held for 30 days whilst we contact you and are then destroyed.  Charges may be levied for forwarding them to any address you provide.  Any personal belongings (within reason) accidentally left after departure will also be retained for 30 days only. Please email info@flexi-lets.co.uk for enquiries relating to any lost items.

You agree to lock or close all doors, windows or external building doors, relevant to your accommodation during your stay to keep both your own belongings and Flexi-Lets contents safe.  It is your responsibility to turn off all gas appliances/electrical appliances when they are not in use, for your own safety and the safey of the accommodation.

Flexi-Lets strongly suggest that valuable items such as passports, jewellery, cash, credit cards, travel documentation or computer equipment should be kept out of sight and either locked in your travel case or inside a safe in the apartment if one is provided.

In the event of an incident, accident or event, Flexi-Lets or the relevant owner/Landlord or supplier, will not be responsible to replace or compensate any guest, occupant or Company for their personal belongings or effects.

You agree to set any alarms provided and to use all safety precautions possible. If smoke or carbon monoxide alarm detectors inside your accommodation "bleep" intermittently, this  is a "low battery" warning and should be reported to Flexi-Lets or your accommodation provider as soon as possible so the batteries can be renewed. 

If the smoke alarm gives a shrill continuous alarm or another alarm sounds, (if you are not cooking), gas may be escaping or smoke.  Try to detect the cause and if serious, follow evacuation procedure and call Flexi-Lets or your accommodation provider immediately to inform us/them.  If you need to call the emergency services, dial 999, making sure you are at a safe distance before you do so. 

All Flexi-Lets guests (whether direct, via a 3rd party or preferred supplier) should familiarise themselves with the above conduct terms. Specific terms and conditions for preferred partner or supplier properties will be available to you.

28. Smoking Policy

All accommodation provided by Flexi-Lets is strictly non-smoking, including balconies, patios outside areas, common parts and gardens.  

If evidence of smoking is detected, we reserve the right to charge for a deep clean including curtains, sofas and carpets, this charge will start from £100 plus VAT upwards. In certain circumstances we may need to charge for decoration or for other items, in order to return the accommodation to its pre-arrival condition.  You may also be asked to vacate to prevent further damage.  

29. Pets

Unless specified, we do not accept pets in Flexi-Lets accommodation.  If you have a guide dog or any such service animal, an exception may be made, but may be subject to a pet deposit or special booking terms.

However we do offer properties in our portfolio or via preferred suppliers which accept pets, please contact Flexi-Lets for further details. If you do have a pet of any kind this must be advised when you book.  Failure to do so may result in your booking being cancelled and additional charges levied for deep cleaning and to restore the property booked.

For those properties where pets are accepted, the size and number of pets may be limited. A  “pet deposit” may also apply or a contribution towards deep cleaning. Some locations may also have a specific set of “pet” terms and conditions to adhere to.

30. General

Flexi-Lets reserves the right to change these conditions from time to time. Should guests be in breach of any of these conditions, Flexi-Lets reserves the right to request that guests vacate their apartment within 24 hours.

These conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and the Courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any claim, dispute or difference concerning these conditions and any matter arising from them.

31. Privacy

We may use your contact details to inform you of our products including special offers that we think may be of interest to you. If you do not want us to use your contact information to send details of our products to you please let us know by email to info@flexi-lets.co.uk.

All information collected or properly obtained during the booking process will be processed in accordance with our web site use terms and are incorporated into these conditions. Please read our Privacy Policy in conjunction with these terms.

32. Interest

We reserve the right to charge interest for any late payments at the Bank of England base rate plus 5% . Late payments are determined as those exceeding our 30 day payment terms.

33. Fees

Flexi-Lets does not add any credit card charges, service fees or hidden extras to the rates which we display.

34. Third Party Bookings or Preferred Supplier Bookings

In respect of all bookings relating to accommodation not operated by Flexi-Lets which may be advertised on our website or sourced for you via other means, we act as introductory agent only on behalf of the preferred supplier or provider. You will enter into a direct (legally binding) contractual relationship with the supplier or provider of the accommodation you book.  From the point you make the booking, Flexi-Lets act as an intermediary between you and the preferred supplier or provider only, transferring details of your reservation to the relevant preferred supplier or provider and sending you a confirmation email for and on behalf of the preferred supplier or provider.

All such bookings are subject to the relevant preferred supplier or provider’s terms and conditions.

35. Modern Slavery

Flexi-lets do not  use or accept forced, bonded or involuntary prison labour or child labour. We do not demand deposits or hold onto our workers’ identity papers, or work with Companies that practise this. Flexi-Lets only work with people who choose to work freely. We respect the right to equal opportunity, freedom of association and collective bargaining.

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